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Happy all the time lately... [01 May 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Wow, it has been like forever since I have updated in this thing. But I only remember to update when good things happen.

Well this weekend and well I guess week was awesome...Wednesday I stayed after school with Karrah to watch Southwest play our JV baseball team...and well I got to see Peyton for like two seconds. Then thursday was fine I guess nothing big...Friday we got yearbooks (one of my favorite days of the year), and then Karrah and I rode home with Blaire and we stayed there while Blaire went tanning for prom. When Blaire got back we got into the car and headed over to Southwest to watch Glenn play, and well watching the baseball game was cool I guess. But after the game I got to stay with Peyton for just about the whole Varsity game. The night was cool...there were some "things" or I should say people that made me laugh because idk people just kill me.. they really make their self look so stupid and bitchy and just dumb...they think they are the "shit" and like they are making things bad for you when really you are laughing at them and saying god what a loser. But yeah that probably makes no since to any of you except the few people that saw it or heard about it lol. But my night with Peyton was pretty great.
Saturday I woke up at like 6:30 Katie came and got me at like 7:20ish and we drove up to the YMCA in Winston and reffed some little kids games. Then she drove me back to Beeson and she went off to her hair appointment to get her hair done for prom. My mom picked me up at Beeson and drove me to Wendys and then brought me back to Beeson where I reffed 2 U-8 games. Karrah came home with me and I got ready for the movies and Karrah came and she had to borrow some of my clothes. Then at like 7:30 I got to the movies and Me Peyton and Karrah went to see Beauty Shop...there were like 4 other people in there lol...Well Peyton and I had fun at the movies lol I don't know if Karrah did or not, she enjoyed the movie, and I mean I couldn't tell you what the whole movie was about but the few parts I watched were pretty funny. **Some moments you never want to end**...that was deffinatly the story last night. Then I came home and talked to Brittany until like 1 lol
Sunday I woke up early for my sisters First Communion (idk how many of you know what that is ...It is a catholic sacrament) But I got all dressed up and then after we went to Elizabeths Pizza it was soo good, I came home talked to Peyton and a few others online. Then Karrah called asked me to go to the mall ( i never turn that down lol) So Karrah got a lot of things I didn't buy anything at all suprsingly. I came home and have just been sitting around.

But yeah...my weekend was great pretty much for *one* real reason...but anyways..I am going to go


<3 When I close my eyes you are all that I see...

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Sorry it has been soo long... [13 Apr 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow it has been like forever since I have updated, but I have been super busy w/ like everything.

Anyways...well school is school nothing special really about itjust blah. Soccer is going alright we get to play Bishop McGuiness on Friday my dad coaches them so it shall be a fun match. Also Jen (Ms. Franks, Mrs. Christy what ever you know her as lol) my 7th grade teacher and middle school soccer coach who moved a little over a year ago is coming to watch our game and we are going out to eat with her after our game. I can't wait!

Saturday I am going to ref two games 9:30 and umm I don't remember the other time...then I am going home taking a shower eating and coming to the 89 game to watch Peyton play. Chandler will be there and of course Karrah will be there because we are always together lol.

But yeah I need to go to bed now talk to everyone later...

<3 Kayla

**Something about you drives me wild**

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My totally awesome weekend... [03 Apr 2005|11:58am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Wow, this weekend has been super awesome!

Well to start off on friday night I called Karrah and she said I could spend the night with her. So I finished cleaning and then packed up my stuff and then I drove to Karrahs house. When I got there we just chilled for a while chatted online and then it was time for dinner ((Salmon)) which I do not like so I didn't eat any, plus I had ate at my house before I left) Then we took pictures after dinner and played BS with Taylor and her friend Julie. At about 12 we went to bed and watched some tv before we fell alseep.

On Saturday we woke up and found out that OUR GAMES THAT WE HAD TO REF WERE CANCLED!! then we had sausage buiscuits and just kinda sat around on the computer and then we watched some tv and made Turkey sandwiches. Then we watched Newlyweds and well they made pan cakes and Karrah was like I want some pan cakes and so did I. Then we made them and put m&ms in them and bunch a crunch ha ha ha it was good. Then Karrah had to clean and I was talking to Stephen online and asked if he could bring us to the mall and he said he could so we got ready then headed off to the mall. We only really went into Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. becuase well those are generally the only places we shop. We came home and it was time for dinner and she begged her dad to get us some Papa Jonhs pizza and he agreed since it was the night of the Carolina game and since he was in a good mood he said I could spend the night again! After dinner Karrah and I got online and talked to Peyton and found out that they won their game! Then it was about time for the game and Karrah's old neighbors ((crazy carolina fans)) came over and it was a fun first half, I was laughing at them it was really funny to see them going crazy over the game and hitting their heads on fans when they got excited. At half time they all left and Karrah fell asleep on the couch so I went up stairs and talked online and then I talked to Peyton on the phone for about an hour until my phone died! Which I wasn't too happy about. But I got online and talked to Peyton and a few other people. When Karrah and I started getting sleepy we got into bed and watched Road Trip ((a pretty funny movie))

This morning we woke up ate a muffin then just hung around and watched TV. Right now I am getting ready to leave and go home for the first time since friday night. I'll talk to you guys later!

<3 Kayla

**Do you belive in magic, in a young girls heart**

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What a week.... [01 Apr 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Okay...So I didn't exactly kick any Eagle ass lol, but it is okay. I mean I was really pissed, but Lizzie, Emily, Emily, and Mickey were there to cheer me up after the game, oh yeah and Mickey's hampster was there and it BIT me so I was about ready to throw that thing like across the field! Mickey had already been flipping it around and dropping it which is probably why the darn thing bit me.

Well...the next day we had our constilation game which ended pretty much the same as the game the previous night. :-\ ....Oh well we just have to get better.

Anyways besides the game thing my week has been awesome! But I hope next week is even better. 

But I am going to go I have to figure out if I am doing anything tonight.

Talk to everyone later.



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IT'S GAME TIME BABY! [30 Mar 2005|04:52pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well...yesterday was yesterday and it was cool and all, I wasn't able to get on the internet. But today I was so ADD i could not like keep my mind in class I was soo ready for the game I couldnt stop thinking about it!!!

Ugh! East I hate them! But the people on the team out side of the high school soccer field they are cool. But ahh I am soo ready for tonight win or lose (hopefully win) it will still be fun...I am so pumped right now because I had a lovely conversation with an "East person" and he got me soo ready to knock some Eagle Ass around! let me show you what made me mad, but I laughed...

ksacomet4 (4:27:33 PM): yea miracles happen when yall actually tied us
kayla xx 89 (4:27:58 PM): Upset wouldnt be in the dictionary if it wasnt ever done
ksacomet4 (4:28:04 PM): ha good one
kayla xx 89 (4:28:20 PM): lol
ksacomet4 (4:28:21 PM): slaughtered wouldnt be either
kayla xx 89 (4:28:27 PM): HA HA HA

Anyways...yeah I am going to go..

LOVE EVERYONE ((EXCEPT: the girls on the East soccer team (at the moment) ))


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[28 Mar 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hummm...Well today was fun and for going back to school it was a suprisingly good day!

It was soo good to see all my friends again I felt like I hadn't seen them in forever. It was good to get back to soccer also. We hopefully, but doubtfully play East tomarrow! I am so freaking ready it isn't even funny! They just talk all this crap and they walk onto that feild every time and think it is already a win for them. Thing have to change one day, and Plummer gave such a motivating speach today lol he was walking in circles so we all were trying to keep and eye on him so we wouldnt get yelled at or something for not paying attention. Ha gotta love Plummer.

Tv wise Summerland was soo good yet sad in a way. But I can't wait till next week to see the next episode. Bradin and Cali get caugh having sex or getting ready to anyways...ha its crazy! Then MTV's Inferno 2...it was a good episode, but Robin got sent home :-( Oh but The Miz is so hot, Karrah and I are deffinatly ordering shirts from his website.

But thats all for now, I'll talk to you guys later!

Love you all!

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Good Bye Spring Break 05' [27 Mar 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | blah ]

((Sigh)) Spring Break 05' is coming to an end my two weeks of freedom are now over with.((tears)) Now I get to wait till we get out in May!

But the day was fun I suppose I got woken up at 7 (could have killed my brother for pulling the cover off me)..then I got my presents from the "easter bunny" 20 dollars to hanes mall and cds!! Oh then I had a ton of candy then I had to get ready and leave for church, wich it is in High Point so I have leave extra early because it was super packed. We had lunch at Mcdonlads ha ha ha ha what an easter meal! But my mom cooked a big Easter Dinner. Then I hid eggs for my little brother and siter for their easter egg hunt.

Oh and then I got to talk to a few of my most awesome friends tonight on the internet.lol thats always fun

Now I am just counting down the hours till Spring Break is offically over. :-(

Well I am going to go...See you guys bright and early tomarrow morning!!

<3 you all

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Spring Break is almost over... [26 Mar 2005|10:24am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow...Spring Break flew by, even though I didn't have much fun so I can't really say time flys when your having fun. I only really went to the movies with Zac,Justin, and Karrah. Oh and I watched The O.C. at Karrahs house other than that it was fairly boring. It wasn't a total loss not doing anything because it gave me time to think about something that I have been holding onto for a LONG time and I think it is just time to just let go. I was silly to think it would ever happen, but who knows. Anyways...Yesterday I went and had Olive Garden for lunch and then went shopping the rest of the day, I got a pair of shoes and a belt for my Easter outfit, and I got a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt. In a way I can't wait to go back to school...only for the social part of things but I can't stand the thought of homework and tests and projects. The year is almost over and then SUMMER VACATION! Which is extra long this time becuase we are starting at a later date!

<3 Kayla

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I love you silly.... [24 Mar 2005|04:23pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Humm...I don't really know what to talk aobut but I was bored so I decided I would write in here.

I guess I can start with my day so far... Well this morning I woke up and my Mom was like hurry up and get a shower so we can go Shopping. I was extremely happy and we went to the Mall. All I got was a pair of white pants for Easter and a pair of awesome sunglasses. I love them! But we basically went shopping for my Mom and I helped her pick out so "in style" outfits, it was fun. Then I came home and I cleaned some. But Karrah and I might watch The O.C. tonight together and then go hang out with Chandler tomarrow!

Man tomarrow is the last week day of spring break soo sad, it has gone by so fast and I hardly did anything. But the whole Spring Break I have been kinda bored and disapointed. One of my good friends was grounded so I wasn't able to have my nightly talk with him...every night it felt weird because like I felt like I had forgotten to do something, which technically I did. But whatever. That just means I will have a whole lot of stories to tell him when he gets un-grounded.

But I don't know what else to say so I will write later.

<3 Kayla

**I want to be the one holding your hand**

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Blah... [23 Mar 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I have no clue how many of these LiveJournals I have made, but I have made a ton! I am going to try and keep up with this one and make it pretty so I will want to keep it. If you can help me please let me know so it doesn't stay ugly forever. Well today, I babysat which was boring as usual but I am making money so I am not going to complain. Then when I came home I just was lazy and sat on the couch watched MTV and some CMT and then went on the inernet. While I was watching TRL I started hearing like what sounded like hail outside, and I was home alone and I hate thunderstorms because all I can think about is like tornados and that is like one of my all time fears. So being the freak that I am I turned the channel to WXII News Channel 12, and sure enough there was like a tornado warning for Guilford County, which isn't too far away from me, it is only the next county over...I think. But anyways I have friends in Guilford county, Chandler, Katie, and Peyton. Chandler told me they had a game and I was like oh great they are going to get stuck in a tornado and I will never see them again! So I was like oh gosh I hope they are okay, I had no clue where Peyton was becasue he is probably with baseball either at Southwest or somewhere else and I was like OHH NO! I was soo worried for them. But then I snapped into reality when the lights flickered and I was like wait it doesn't matter if they are alive if a tornado hits and I die. So I am home alone just me and my dog. Well my dog desides she needs to go to the bathroom, so she goes out there and I was like HURRY UP I DON'T FEEL LIKE PULLING A DORTHY AND TODO trick here. So she eventually comes in once she hears some thunder. So I go get my cell phone, the cordless phone, a flash light, blankets and pillows and put it into the bathroom. I was just sitting looking out the window to see if I saw anything that looked like a tornado. Luckily nothing ever happened and my dad, mom, and little brother and sister got back from church. We didn't want to make dinner so we went to Wallburg and got some food from some China something...It was good. Then we went to Kohl's where I was supposed to get something for Easter...Well MY BODY SUCKS! My lower half is too big for anything my butt is big and my legs are big, but yet I have a flat stomach and too small of boobs to fit into any kind of dress shirt to wear from the jr.s section, but if I get something from the girls section it is too short. So after trying like everything on and I hated everything...I was soo tried of my body I just HATE IT! It drives me nuts! It is impossible to find anything to fit me! But yeah so I came home...made a deal with my self to eat more healthy and no snacking and all that junk, well...ten minutes later i was eating some candy, but you know I am going to start tomarrow lol. I hope it works because I am soo fed up with my body right now it isn't even funny. <3 Kayla

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